Financial Consultancy Services

As chartered accountants, we always assist closely with clients in all financial areas as and when clients require. Generally the below is the list of services that we can provide for clients. However, it is not exhaustive and we are at all times ready to work with clients in all areas of their activities where the involvement of a public accountant is considered to be of assistance.

  1. Design of systems
    • Financial accounting systems;
    • Management accounting systems; and
    • Administration systems.
  2. Business planning and appraisal
    • Company appraisals;
    • Organisation and corporate planning;
    • Management audit; and
    • Merger and acquisition studies.
  3. Corporate Finance
    • Financial reviews;
    • Project evaluation;
    • Cost reduction planning;
    • Corporate planning and advice on capital restructuring;
    • Purchase and sale of businesses; and
    • Share valuation of companies.


These are usually special assignments requested by clients and cover a wide range of activities such as:

  • Detection of suspected fraud; and
  • Investigation into the company’s statement of affairs

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies can be made on new projects, new product lines, new investments and an assessment made on prospects, desirable locations, taking into account not only marketing and purchasing requirements, but also fiscal considerations.

Trade Mark Registration

PKK Registration

CIDB Registration

MOF Registration

EPF and SOCSO Registration