Our Philosophy

The philosophy of SY LEE & CO. is to grow with its clients through the provision of personal advice, consultancy and high quality professional services. We always believe that "clients do not buy our services; they buy what our services will do for them”. It implies that our business is a "need satisfying activities” rather than a "goods producing activities”. Owing to this, we always keep update ourselves in term of knowledge and the latest development in accounting industry in order to bring the superb professional services to our valuable clients.

The provision of professional services of a high standard is the key behind our growth. Accordingly, we ensure that this quality permeates every facet of our firm’s practice, especially, in the following areas: -

(a) Personal service

One of the features that sets our firm apart from other practices is the personal quality of service that we provide to our clients. We minimise the bureaucracy that is so prevalent in other firms where the clients never get to speak to the partners or the qualified senior personnel of those firms. It is our practice that the partners and the qualified senior personnel of our firm avail themselves on a personal "on-call” basis to our clients. In this manner, the close personal relationship enables qualified, experienced service to be imparted to our clients.

(b) Quality control

It is our firm’s policy that before the commencement of each assignment, our partner or the manager in charge will assess the risk areas of that particular assignment. As such, the undersigned staff can more focus to those risk areas.

To ensure the production of work of a high quality, the partner of firm will monitor closely on each assignment at every stage. Owing to this also, some constructive and independent ideas can bring to our clients’ attention.

(c) Industry knowledge

We recognise that it is imperative that we are knowledgeable of the industries that our clients are involved in. As such, we make it a policy that our staff learn and do research on the industries that we audit and to compile the necessary dossiers on every new field we enter into.

(d) Professional standards

The firm adopts Malaysian Accounting Standards and International Auditing Standards in its professional engagements. In addition, it follows closely the standards, bulletins and guidelines issued by the MASB, MIA and other relevant statutory bodies.

Aided by these, the firm ensures the provision of internationally recognised standards in its work done for clients.

(e) Confidentiality and secrecy

The firm imposes upon itself a high level of confidentiality and secrecy on all client matters. All staff of the firm has to signify employment letter which spelt out that no client’s information shall be disclosed to outsiders. While on the field work, our staff are only to discuss sensitive matters with client’s authorised key personnel.

(f) Responsiveness

People make the difference in any professional relationship, and all the people we have selected to serve clients bring a broad spectrum of relevant experience and a demonstrated ability to get the job accomplished professionally within a stipulated period of time.