About Us

SY LEE & CO (AF 1317) is an audit firm established under Section 9 of Companies Act, 1965 to act as Approved Company Auditors, of which is granted by the Ministry of Finance. Presently, it serves as our core member of the SY Group.

The SY Group has been developed into a one-stop full accounting service based group offering wide range of professional financial services to its diverse clients.

The philosophy of SY LEE & CO. is to grow with its clients through the provision of personal advice, consultancy and high quality professional services. We always believe that clients do not buy our services; they buy what our services will do for them. It implies that our business is a need satisfying activities rather than a goods producing activities. Owing to this, we always keep update ourselves in term of knowledge and the latest development in accounting industry in order to bring the superb professional services to our valuable clients.

The provision of professional services of a high standard is the key behind our growth. Accordingly, we ensure that this quality permeates every facet of our firm's practice, especially, in the following areas:

(a) Personal service;
(b) Quality control;
(c) Industry knowledge;
(d) Professional standards;
(e) Confidentiality and secrecy; and
(f) Responsiveness